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How To Get Westman InfiniTV

Take Control Of The Complete Digital TV Experience!

Follow the steps below to begin streaming Westman InfiniTV!

Step 1: Choose Your Set Top Box


EVO PRO 4K Remote:

  • Numbered remote for easy navigation through your InfiniTV channels
  • Access guide, VOD and apps with the click of our convenient buttons
  • Meet your Google Soulmate! Ask it to play your favourite show, movie video, or music. All you have to do is say it to play it. 

Free remotes at the time of installation. Replacement remotes $10 each plus tax.

Step 2: Choose Your nDVR Storage

With 2 nDVR recording package options to record up to 150 or 350 hours, you'll never miss out again. Plus enjoy the freedom to record multiple shows at the same time!

Step 3: Pick Your Bundle

Customize your Bundle by choosing from among the several options we offer within each of our HD TV and High-Speed Internet services.
*Westman InfiniTV requires a Westman Internet and Enhanced Home Wi-Fi subscription. Set-top box is not included in the below prices. 

Monthly Bundle Price: 0

Monthly Bundle Savings: 0

Introductory Price: 0
Conditions apply.

excluding taxes and fees

Simply complete this form below and submit, your submission will be sent to one of our Customer Service Representatives and they will contact you by phone to answer any of your questions and complete the order process.

Services are available to residential Westman members in select residential dwellings in Manitoba where access and technology permit. Taxes are not included in above pricing. Must be 18 years or older to subscribe to services. Westman services are pre-billed a month in advance. Equipment remains the property of Westman and must be returned if service is cancelled to avoid additional charges. Member is responsible for the use of equipment: Do not expose to heat sources, rain/moisture, or temperature extremes. Special agreements are required for select communities. Rental term is month to month.  Other conditions may apply. 

InfiniTV requires a Westman Internet subscription with Westman Wi-Fi to access all online content and search engine integration. Gmail account required. A separate subscription to Crave and Prime Video or similar service, is required to view content within these apps. 

Each TV requires an InfiniTV set-top box to access the service. Additional set-top boxes can be rented at an additional cost. Please call for details. Set-top boxes must be provided by Westman, third party equipment cannot be used. Set-top boxes need to be connected to a power outlet. 

InfiniTV is an IPTV platform where all content is delivered over an internet connection. You will notice similarities with other streaming apps that you might use today, such as Netflix and YouTube, including a slight delay (loading symbol) while content loads, a user-friendly poster art layout and a sidebar menu. Restart, Lookback, fast-forward, and rewind features are available only on select channels and/or content. Trickplay functions (pause, rewind, fast forward) are not permitted while using Restart and Lookback features.  

Internet speeds may vary (and are not guaranteed) depending on many factors, including, but not limited to, the distance between the Member’s and Westman’s equipment, Member’s technical configuration, Internet traffic, server, Member’s environment, simultaneous use of IPTV (if applicable) and applicable network management. The range of Wi-Fi signal may vary due to electromagnetic interference, home construction material, obstructions, and other environmental factors. Service is subject to our Internet Use Policy and Fair Use Policy.