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BRANDON - Channel 112 (HD 1012)

WCGtv Brandon

1906 Park Avenue
Brandon, MB R7B 0R9
Phone: 204.717.2611
Fax: 204.726.1197 OR

SOUTH - Channel 113

WCGtv Melita

Box 102
Melita, MB R0M 1L0

WCGtv Souris

Box 1079
Souris, MB R0K 2C0

WCGtv Boissevain

Box 232
Boissevain, MB R0K 0E0

WCGtv Killarney

Box 71
Killarney, MB R0K 1G0

WCGtv Deloraine

Box 786
Deloraine, MB R0M 0M0

WCGtv Virden

Box 2216
Virden, MB R0M 2C0

NORTH - Channel 114

WCGtv Dauphin

12A - 2nd Avenue NE
Dauphin, MB R7N 0Z4

WCGtv Swan River

Box 128
Swan River, MB R0L 1Z0

WCGtv Gilbert Plains

Box 71
Gilbert Plains, MB R0L 0X0

WCGtv Ste. Rose du Lac

Box 296
Ste. Rose du Lac,
MB R0L 1S0

CENTRAL -  Channel 115

WCGtv Minnedosa

Box 1419
Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0

WCGtv Gladstone

Box 60
Gladstone, MB R0J 0T0

WCGtv Carberry

Box 143
Carberry, MB R0K 0H0

WCGtv Rivers

Box 935
Rivers, MB R0K 1X0

PARKWEST -  Channel 116

WCGtv Birtle

Box 503
Birtle, MB R0M 0C0

WCGtv Roblin

Box 1386
Roblin, MB R0L 1P0

WCGtv Russell

Box 1261
Russell, MB R0J 1W0

If your community is not listed please contact our main office in Brandon at 204-717-2611.
If you are having difficulty reaching your local volunteer group, please contact the Brandon office.